Friday, September 4, 2009

A Sports Cynic’s Preview: College Football

Ah, the first blog post. What’s going to happen in these here posts are a collection of my somewhat put-together thoughts on my favorite subject: Sports. Let me say, I’m a true fan at heart. The beginning of each sport’s season inspires hope and realistic dreams that are tailor-made for an overly cheesy sport film that I usually end up seeing and cursing the minute it ends. But then, something always happens that sends me crashing back to reality and conjures up the cynic inside of me. (A special thanks to the 2008 Iowa Hawkeyes, the 2009 Mets, and my right wrist in the 8th grade) It’s bound to happen this year, it happens every year. So, call me the sports cynic and here’s what I got.

Let’s get rolling with this season’s College Football Preview. I’ll take it conference by conference, focusing on the ones with the BCS Auto-bids, because the BCS is cool right?

My Pick to be Champs: VIRGINIA TECH

Why? They’re ranked pretty high. I don’t know, it’s the ACC, does anyone even notice these guys? Bowden’s still coaching right?
My Pick to be Dark Horse: GEORGIA TECH
They’re in the Hokie’s same division, so it’d be tough but if they can get into the ACC Title Game, they’ll probably see Florida State, who has yet to reclaim any national glamour. Bowden though, right?

My Pick to be Champs: TEXAS

They can’t get screwed two years in a row, right? Right!? Seriously though, they’re gonna be good and the game of the year in this conference is gonna be the Horns vs. the Sooners. I think they get the bid this year.
My Pick to be Dark Horse: OKLAHOMA
Speaking of the Sooners. You can’t not pick these two teams. There won’t be that crazy third team this year like there was with Texas Tech, it’ll be these two teams beating the crap outta each other. I just think McCoy gets the nod over Bradford this time.

My Pick to be Champs: PENN STATE/OHIO STATE
Ok, this is cheap, I know. But with no Conference Championship, it usually ends in co-champions. Now, I will say that I think Penn State is better, will beat OSU, and that Terrelle Pryor is a glorified Troy Smith rehash without the Heisman. The Big Ten elsewhere is just bad, so I gotta say tie.
My Pick to be Dark Horse: ILLINOIS
They’ve had recent success and I think they may surprise people this year. Some people are talking Iowa, I’m talking Illinois. Juice Williams, well, I just wanted to type Juice.

My Pick to be Champs: PITTSBURGH

Wow, the fact that Pitt is even the pick shows this conference is crap, crap, crap. The ‘Stache should be able to turn his program around and get it done in this pathetic excuse for a football conference.
My Pick to be Dark Horse: WEST VIRGINIA
No more Pat White but they do have “Country Roads”. I basically just needed to pick someone. Ugh.

My Pick to be Champs: USC

Well, they’re gonna be starting a true freshman at QB. But DUDES! It’s the Trojans! We’re always good and stuff… Sad, but true. The Pac-10 can’t compete. They’ll nab ‘em for one loss, that’s it.
My Pick to be Dark Horse: CALIFORNIA
I’ve always like Cal. The Golden Bears. The Play. The band is on the field. But hey, they’re ranked, and could provide USC with that one loss.

My Pick to be Champs: FLORIDA
Many are calling Florida the team of the decade and Tim Tebow the next coming of Christ and another title this season may force me to agree.
My Pick to be Dark Horse: ALABAMA
If anyone is gonna shut down Florida’s chances this season, it would probably have to be in the SEC Championship Game. Who do I think can do this? Mr. I have too much pride to stop wearing those ridiculous straw hats you buy on vacation himself, Nick Saban.

And now, my very early and probably way off because I’m too lazy to look up all the tie-ins and rules…
2009 BCS Bowl Predictions-
Rose Bowl- PENN STATE vs USC
National Championship- FLORIDA vs TEXAS

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